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If you have a relative with a learning disability who is at risk of behaviour that challenges, you may want to find out more about Positive Behavioural Support (PBS). PBS provides support for a person, their family and friends to help people lead a meaningful life and learn new skills without unnecessary and harmful restrictions. It is not simply about getting rid of challenging behaviour, but with the right support at the right time the likelihood of behaviour that challenges is reduced.

The Positive Behavioural Support Resource for Family Carers has been developed with The Challenging Behaviour Foundation.

The PBS resource includes:
1. What is Positive Behavioural Support?
2. What should Positive Behavioural Support look like?
3. Questions to ask to check whether Positive Behavioural Support is being used well
4. Family carers using Positive Behavioural Support
5. Practical tools

Developing a behaviour support plan for your relative is a crucial step in delivering effective Positive Behavioural Support. In this updated resource you can find out about the key components of a behaviour support plan and how it can be used.

A family carer said: “This PBS family resource is a must! Understanding what PBS is, standards you should expect and insightful questions to ask. Changed my son’s life.”

You can download the PBS resource here

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